Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lensbaby Composer

Lensbaby came out with their Composer a little while ago. Over last weekend I finally had the pleasure of trying one out. The Composer is a giant step up from the original lens baby. The Composer has double glass optics, a focusing ring, and it can be locked in place. These features are great and they give fantastic results. Most of the test shots were done with the macro set. These little screw on filters are, to say the least, a lot of fun. I cannot say enough good things about the Composer. Even opening the box was fun.
These are some of the images I took.

Richmond Camera will be getting the Composer in soon along with a few of their accessories. If you would like learn a little more about Lensbaby please take a look at their site. Please leave comments about your experience with a Lensbaby.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kolo Albums....Archival Awesomeness......

Today, here at Richmond Camera, we put Kolo Albums on our website. These are great albums to say the least. My favorite are the small 4x6 albums. They come in a variety of colors and are the perfect way of preserving your memories in a way that looks great. If you have not heard of Kolo albums yet take a look at the rest of this post.

"Kolo is the celebrated archival photo album used by artists, photographers, graphic designers, clothing designers, architects, interior designers and other creative professionals the world over.
Used to house photographs, lay out storyboards, display artwork or chronicle projects, Kolo is a trusted tool and friend to the creative community. After all, nothing makes quite the same impact it does as when presented in a beautifully made book.
In 1998, a small company set out to reinvent the way photo albums were made and used in every day life. Although the creative community was the first to discover Kolo, the albums quickly grew in popularity to include all types of people who simply treasure photographs and care about how they are displayed.
A Kolo photo album is a home to remember special people, places, times, projects, thoughts, journeys. It can help frame and tell a story.
Whether Kolo is used as a scrapbook, a journal, an album, a portfolio or a project book, the goal is always the same: to let the photographs and the story be the star." (

"WHY IS ARCHIVAL STORAGE IMPORTANT TO YOU? Museums treasure fine paintings and other works of art. Kolo believes most people value their photographs in much the same way. After all, photographs are treasures that capture moments in time with friends and loved ones. With Kolo, preserving your cherished photographs is easy. Kolo is committed to making the finest quality archival photo preservation products available in the world.
WHAT IS ARCHIVAL? In the simplest sense, archival means that the materials (e.g. paper) will resist decomposing, disintegrating, discoloring or reacting to other materials over time. In other words, an archival material won't harm your treasured photographs or memorabilia. Specifically, an archival product must be "acid free" (a pH higher than 7.0), "lignin free," and proven to be stable over time. Merely being "acid free" does not assure that a product is archival. All Kolo products are rigorously tested to ensure that they are genuinely archival."(
YOUR PART: PROPER STORAGE. It is important to store all photographs and photo albums in a dry place with a consistent temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Moisture and large fluctuations in temperature can seriously damage photographs, even if archival storage products are used.

KOLO DESIGN At Kolo, our philosophy is to design products that are clean and understated, innovative and fun. Function is as important as form. We believe that your photographs should be the star and that the Kolo album should enhance them, not detract from them. In the same spirit, we believe that a photo album should present photographs, not simply store them. So we design a variety of products ranging from the Vineyard Mini Paper Album to the larger luxurious Newport Luxury Photo Album. Each Kolo product allows room for journaling, but it isn't necessary to journal. It's okay to simply tell the story with photographs. A Kolo product makes a great gift. It's touching to receive a small Vineyard album or Newport album commemorating a special event or a special day with friends or loved ones. It's something that the recipient will treasure for the rest of their life. "(

Kolo albums are the real deal. Each album has great quality and the quality is consistent. To see more pictures of Kolo products check out