Sunday, March 8, 2009

What could be the future of photography? 3D?

At PMA last week Fuji had a prototype that really made me think. Fuji's prototype was for a 3D digital camera. Could 3D image capture be the future of photography? On one had it seems like a natural progression for photography, but on the other had it does seem like more than most people would need. Having a 3D image capture opens the door to several problems. Fuji had to address how the camera's LCD would work with the 3D capture, the camera's images processor, they needed to find a way to view the 3D images, and they also needed to develop a way to print 3D images. If you would like to read a like more about Fuji's prototype please take a look at this link:

Could this be the future of photography? In the next five to ten years could we all be taking 3D pictures?